This Mountain Lion Was Tied To A Truck For 20 Years But It Just Got Free

There was a time when people would go to circuses to see all types of exotic and dangerous animals perform amazing feats for the audience. That changed when people started to think about the wellbeing of the animals. Public opinion changed further when it was revealed that many trainers used brutal tactics to subdue and punish the circus animals. The conditions the animals were kept in often seemed disgusting and inadequate. This started a movement to remove animals from circuses and ban their use altogether. The practice of using animals in circuses persists to this day in many places.

A group called Animal Defenders International, or ADI, works to protect animals against abuse. They heard rumors about a circus in Peru that was mistreating animals between performances. The group traveled to Peru and worked with local authorities to find the circus. They eventually found a mountain lion named Mufasa. The mountain lion was stolen from the wild at birth. He was kept chained up in a confined space in the back of a pickup truck for nearly two decades. The group and local police freed the mountain lion. He was taken to a rehabilitation center in Peru immediately afterwards.

Mufasa was taught to hunt and live normally in the wild. The rehabilitation took a long time since the animal had no knowledge of anything but the abuse suffered at the circus. Mufasa was eventually transferred to the Tambopata Amazonian Reserve where he was released. Mufasa is now free to live out the rest of his life in the wild free from the threat of abuse or illegal hunting.