These Hilarious Kid’s Letters Tell It Like It Is

Kids live in their own little world. You may think that you have them figured out, but chances are, you’re not even close. They are on a plane of consciousness that is almost impossible for adults to relate to and these notes are proof. We’re not sure if we should laugh, cry, or be concerned…all we do know is that these little kids are hilariously clever and deserve some recognition for their wit at such a young age.

Did The Grinch Write This?


Wow, this is seriously harsh. Either this little kid is a serious skeptic, or they are really unhappy with what Santa Claus brought them last year. “Your naughty list is empty, your good list is empty, your life is empty”…what kind of child can even manifest such hurtful words onto a piece of paper? Also, you have to appreciate the margin artwork with the holiday wreaths on one side and the skulls on the other, this kid is clearly a tortured young soul with a twisted view of the word. Clever, but twisted. Also, refusing to sign their name was the cherry on top of this hate message to Santa. At least their parent won’t ever have to break the new to this kid.