These Homeless People Had Nothing But Still Put Others First

People become homeless for a variety of reasons. They lose their jobs, have problems with addiction, or end up down on their luck. Even though these people don’t have a place to sleep at night, many of them care about helping others and will jump to someone’s aid with no questions asked. Others have made decisions to turn their lives around, and their inspirational stories have helped those with similar struggles.

Despite their struggles, these people did incredible things to help others. These stories are sure to bring a tear to your eye.

Johnny Bobbit Jr. Spent His Last $20 On A Stranded Motorist


A young woman named Kate McClure was driving on I-95 in New Jersey in November 2017 when she ran out of gas at an exit ramp. She was rescued by a homeless man who spent the only money he had, $20, to help her out. Johnny Bobbitt Jr. approached Kate and told her to stay in the car while he walked a few blocks to buy her some gas. Kate had no money to reimburse the man for his much-needed assistance. To make it up to him, Kate visited him on several occasions and brought him food and water. But she didn’t feel like that was enough.

See what she did next.