Fat To Fit: Inspirational People Who Went From Overweight To Fitness Gurus!

Overcoming weight issues is a common struggle faced by many. The good news? It’s a battle that can definitely be won! Check out this list of people who were once overweight but made life-changing commitments to fitness and are now aiding others on their weight loss journeys. Prepare to be inspired!

Katie Hug


After graduating high school, Katie Hug began a struggle many other people are familiar with – weight gain. Between getting older, a slowing metabolism and taking medication for depression and anxiety, Katie’s weight began to balloon. Adding in three children to the mix certainly didn’t make matters any easier. Many moms will tell you the difficulties of finding the time to exercise. In 2012, Katie finally reached her breaking point while at a doctor’s appointment. Her weight had ballooned to 270 pounds and was informed by her doctor that she was morbidly obese. It was also a turning point for Katie who told People, “I just got sick and tired of being fat and being overweight and being miserable in my own skin.”