These Incredible Dogs Saved Their Owner’s Lives

Dogs are considered man’s best friend for good reason. These stories about dogs doing their part to save the day will warm your heart. You won’t believe how far some pups will go to save someone they love.

Katrina Saved A Man From Drowning


Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst natural disasters to strike the United States in recent history. It shook the entire southeastern region of the United States and impacted the lives of millions of Americans forever. But out of sadness, there were plenty of uplifting stories of hope and the kindness of strangers. A perfect example is Katrina, the ironically named Labrador who saved a man from drowning in dangerously high flood waters. She risked her own life to get him to safety. Thankfully Katrina was rescued shortly after by a Red Cross rescue team. Later that year she received a Genesis award and a standing ovation from thankful citizens.