Terry Crews Dropped Bars On Twitter About White Privilege

Terry Crews has risen to the forefront of the conversation about sexual assault in Hollywood. Crews came forward with his encounter with sexual misconduct at the hands of a Hollywood exec, and has refused to let online trolls disrupt his quest for justice ever since.

After unveiling his accuser and publicly calling out others who attempted to silence him, Crews took to Twitter schooling trolls on the importance of privilege after one questioned his manhood in the wake of his assault.

Crews went on to add, “You know you’re privileged when you don’t recognize all your privileges.  I try to tell show my kids this, but it’s hard to see through all that privilege they have.” Not speaking specifically about race, Crews went on to provide other basic examples of how privilege can be used on a day-to-day basis.

The Brooklyn 99 star might have taken a few moments to educate online haters, but it’s clear that he has a few more pressing issues at hand. Earlier this month, Terry Crews revealed that his family was being “tracked” and “possibly bugged” as a result of his decision to come forward with his assault by Adam Venit.

During an interview with Good Morning America, Crews accused the WME founding partner of making “overtly sexual” moves with his tongue and attempting to grab his genitals numerous times.

Written by Jasmine Washington