The Most Inspirational Social Media Accounts For Mental Health Awareness

Years ago, those who had a mental illness used to have to suffer alone and in silence. Anyone who openly admitted to having mental health issues was ridiculed and shamed. Luckily, in today’s world, with one in four people affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives, the topic of mental health is more openly discussed and acknowledged. Social media has provided an amazing platform for those who suffer from mental health issues to seek help. There are numerous inspirational accounts that enable people to connect with others like themselves, share their stories, create awareness, find motivation, or simply read a daily pick-me-up.

Nature Is The Best Medicine


While social media can be an amazing place for people to connect and work through their mental health issues, there may be no better cure than stepping outside into nature. That is the driving force behind the Facebook page “Outdoor Mindset.” “Outdoor Mindset unites and empowers people affected by neurological challenges through a common passion for the outdoors.” It was formed in 2009 by 13 friends who joined together to “make something great” from a friend’s diagnosis of a brain tumor. They all shared a passion for nature and the outdoors, and wanted to provide a community for people with similar passions who suffer from neurological disorders.