These Brave Kids Risked Their Own Lives To Save Others

You know that saying, “heroes are born, not made”? That definitely rings true when it comes to children who have actually managed to save someone’s life — and there are way more of them out there than you might think. Many adults don’t even know exactly how to react in an emergency, so what these little ones have done is really impressive. These are kids who have done the impossible in the face of danger or huge risk, and even though we’re sure they are already, their parents should be very proud. These kids each need a national holiday in their honor, or at least a day off of school!

This Girl Took Multiple Bullets For Her Mom


A daughter’s love for her mother often knows no bounds… especially in this case. In 2008, seven-year-old Alexis Goggins was in the car with her mom, Seliethia Parker, when mom’s ex-boyfriend, Calvin, jumped into the car, threatening them with a gun. When they pulled over, Calvin started shooting at them, and Alexis knew she had to do something. She jumped in the front seat, yelling “Don’t hurt my mother!” Unfortunately, that meant that Alexis took six bullets while her mother took two, but fortunately, Alexis actually managed to survive the attack — and she’s a major hero for what she’s done.